Registration for Art Class is now open!

I am breaking the spring semester into two bite-sized pieces. Session one will meet for 7 weeks consecutively. We will have a week to make up any classes due to illness, and then Session two will then meet the following 7 weeks consecutively. We will then have a week of make-up classes for those who miss a class during session two.

All supplies are included. 

 The dates for the first session are:

  • Tuesday classes 1/11/22 to 2/22/22

  • Wednesday classes 1/12/22 to 2/23/22

  • Thursday classes 1/13/22 to 2/24/22 

The dates for the second session are:​

  • Tuesday classes 3/8/22 to 4/26/22 (no class during spring break)

  • Wednesday classes 3/9/22 to 4/27/22 (no class during spring break)

  • Thursday classes 3/10/22 to 4/28/22 (no class during spring break)